Opening of the New Mt Hope / Mt Lambert Community Centre

Dr. The Honourable Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts at the Opening of the New Mt Hope / Mt Lambert Community Centre on Wednesday July 26, 2017.

It is my honour to be here today at this the formal opening ceremony of the Mt Hope/Mt Lambert Community Centre. However, at the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts, with a mandate is to build, preserve and support communities that are resilient; communities that are culturally rich, today is not only an honour; it is a privilege to be a small part of your community’s history, your journey, your legacy.

The communities of Mt. Hope and Mt. Lambert have their origin as a business and Industrial Park servicing economic needs.

From as early as the 1960’s Mt Hope/Mt Lambert has been a thriving hub for the manufacturing industry; generating quality goods and gainful employment for many.

To match the needs of the growing community, successive governments established residential developments, encouraging persons to live and work in the community.

Community centres were also provided as gathering places from the residents, spaces to learn, to teach and to bond.

As the needs of the communities changed, so too its supporting services were required to adapt, to better serve the needs of the present day.  And so, the old edifice which once stood where we now stand has been torn down, this structure has been erected; and today we proudly commission the new state of the art Community Centre.

The Government led by Dr. the Honourable Keith Rowley has invested approximately 10 million dollars in this centre, in the citizens of Mt. Hope/Mt. Lambert.

It was constructed by D&L Contracting and Environmental Service Limited and was managed by UdeCoTT on behalf of the Ministry’s Community Development Division.  This two-storey complex is fully-equipped with:

  •        an auditorium,
  •        a teaching kitchen,
  •        a computer room,
  •        classrooms,
  •        an administrative office,
  •        a fitness room,
  •        an audio-visual room,
  •        a high tech sound and lighting system,  as well as the necessary facilities.

Let us acknowledge the wonderful job which was done on this state of the art centre. (lead them in a round of applause)

This building is your tool to foster education and development. Your community centre will represent your heritage and your specific community needs.

Your Vision and this centre will be driven by you. The Community Development Division of the Ministry recently held several nationwide discussions on the use of Community Centres. Based on your recommendations, guidelines are being drafted for the effective and efficient use and maintenance of all Centres.  We believe that such a guide will not only contribute significantly to the preservation of this and other modern centres,  which require much more maintenance that the traditional centres but their use will better match the needs and changing demands of communities.

Community Centres are the foundation for many of the Ministry’s community based programmes including:

  •        The Prime Minister’s Best Village Trophy Competition,
  •        Junior Best Village which recently took plae across ten(10) communities
  •        Community Festivals,
  •        Mentoring by the Masters,
  •        Music and Cultural Camps,
  •        Community Skills training programmes.

I reiterate; the Government’s investment is therefore not just in the edifice, but in members of the community. The Government believes in You.

Our mandate at the Ministry is to support your community’s dreams and goals. Active participation is key and I believe     

that this centre, YOUR centre, will provide opportunities for all to do so. At this time I would like to recognise the

community-pillars in our midst.

Thank you for your vision, your dedication and resolve. I thank the staff of the Community Division, the Projects Unit,    

the contractors and the Project Managers, UDeCoTT- for their commitment to seeing this project completed for the    

benefit of residents of Mt Hope/ Mt Lambert and environs.

Thank you, and God bless.