Message from the Minister

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to the official website of the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts. Entrusted with the responsibility for building resilient and culturally rich communities across the nation, we have forged to contribute significantly towards this Government’s new thrust for sustainable development and economic diversification.

The Ministry is the result of the merger of the previous Ministries of Arts and Multiculturalism, Community Development and National Diversity and Social Integration. As the driving force for nationhood, diversity, culture, creativity and development, the Ministry has positioned itself to efficiently and effectively serve our stakeholders.

Through our various divisions and entities, we are able to provide talent and skill development, support and our services across the nation.  These include our Best Village Unit, divisions such as Community Development, Community Mediation, Culture and our involvement with the National Carnival Commission. We also have the Creative Arts, the First Peoples of Trinidad and Tobago, Museums and Performance Spaces under our remit. As such, we have adopted a customised approach for communities and the arts and cultural industries amidst their complexities and dynamics, promoting cultural viability, commercial vision, and entrepreneurship.

The Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts stands proud as the representative and preserver of our distinct heritage and the talent and development of every community of Trinidad and Tobago. We are a reflection of, not only our identity, but also our diversity and all which can only be described as “Trinbagonian”.

Let us build resilient and culturally rich communities.

Join the journey of our dynamic ministry and share in our pride and passion for who we are and our capabilities.