‘Jackie’ Hinkson mentors young artists at Museum’s Watercolour Painting Workshop

22 January 2019

From the lens of a teenager, Saturday afternoons are usually designated for social gatherings- a stroll at the mall, movies, and more. However, looking into the gallery space at the National Museum and Art Gallery this past Saturday, January 19th 2019, a different picture was created. Veteran artist Donald ‘Jackie’ Hinkson spent the afternoon mentoring approximately twenty (20) extremely focused teenagers at a Watercolour Painting Workshop facilitated by the National Museum and Art Gallery. The grip they held on their paintbrushes was self-explanatory; eager and grateful to be part of a workshop with a highly talented local artist, who himself was delighted at the opportunity to impart his wisdom unto the youngsters.

Hinkson, who is no stranger to the esteemed gallery of the Museum, used his usual calm demeanour to share his knowledge about watercolour painting. The participants, most of whom were Forms Five and Six secondary school students, painted still life pieces consisting of local fruits, vegetables, and dining utensils. During the three hour session, Hinkson delved into the complexities of using watercolours as opposed to oil and acrylic painting. He explained the difficulty in controlling a medium such as watercolours, and that one’s manipulation of the water will create varying tones and textures on the paper. Hinkson also shared that the size of the canvas will have an impact on the depth and volume of objects being painted, and that the type of paper used will either aid or challenge the artist.

This workshop was facilitated by the National Museum and Art Gallery as one of their activities to foster fine arts appreciation among youngsters.  Asked about his willingness to volunteer his time and expertise, Hinkson expressed that seasoned artists gave critical guidance to him in the early days, and now he feels duty-bound to pay this service forward. Lorraine Johnson, Curator (Ag) of the Museum, was extremely grateful for Hinkson’s service towards the development of young, promising artists. She hopes that the knowledge gained from this brief session will go a long way in impacting the lives of this country’s future artists.