From the young to the not so young, men and women alike came out to celebrate International Women’s Day with a march on Saturday 24th March, 2018, from Baumont to Edric Connor Park Mayaro. Calling for gender equality and the end to violence, they carried banners and placards, chipped to the music and waved to on lookers as they shared the message of #PressforProgress.

The event was organized by the Community Development Division, Nariva/Mayaro District of the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts in collaboration with the Mayaro Civic Centre.  The collaboration brought many groups, schools and NGOs including St. Peter and St. Paul RC Women’s Group, students of Ecclesville Presbyterian School, Youth Red Cross and Poole Village Women’s Organisation, The Sanctuary of God Outreach Ministry.  They all came together all dressed in purple to shine a spotlight on the inequality women and girls face worldwide, issues of domestic violence, victim support with messages of  “Respect the sex that gave birth to you…Stop Crime on Women”, “Stop discrimination and injustice against Women… Enough is Enough No more Violence” and “Other girls are not my competition, I stand with them not against them”.

 As they congregated ahead of the march, Mr. Omari Samuel, Supervisor I Nariva/Mayaro District, reminded those present that, “We are all part of a community and impact communities in a different way. Today is about bringing awareness of the issues affecting our society. I hope that you will encourage the men and also the women, that women have the responsibility of engendering culture and transmitting norms and will speak to the men may it be your husband, brother, uncles, grandfathers to respect your women”  The day’s activities ended with various cultural performances by women in the community which included songs, dance and tassa.



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