Growbox FAQ’s

How many categories are there in the competition?

There will be two (2) levels of competition, and four (4) main categories. Please see the rules and regulations for more information.

Who can participate in the competition?

Any resident of Trinidad and Tobago who is not a professional farmers or engaged in large scale farming is eligible for entry.

How long is the competition?

The competition will run for six (6) weeks, the expected duration for the selected crops to achieve maturation and produce.

When will results for the competition be announced?

The results will be announced on or before August 14, 2020.

Can I grow crops outside of those listed?

No food crop outside the approved list should be grown in the same garden plot/ grow box/ pot as the crops being adjudicated unless such plants serve a purpose such as insect repellant etc. The presence of any other crop or plant will lead to disqualification.

How many crops can I plant?

Competitors must plant at least four (4) of the listed crops across any category.

Is the Ministry providing seeds seedlings or soil for planting?

No, competitors are required to provide their own seedlings, soil or any other requirements for their gardens.

I don’t have space to grow crops in the ground. Can I use pots?

Crops can be planted in any object available (e.g. ground, grow box, pot etc.) and may be of any shape but must:

  1. Be within the boundaries of their property and
  2. Stay within the square footage allocated for the category.

Will anyone from the Ministry be visiting my home?

Random site visits will be conducted by Ministry Officials during the competition. Competitors will be notified in advance to schedule a time for the visit.

What are the prizes for the competition?

In addition to 33 District Prizes, the main prizes will be per garden size as follows:

SMALL 1st $3,000.00
2nd $2,000.00
3rd $1,000.00
MEDIUM 1st $4,000.00
2nd $3,000.00
3rd $2,000.00
LARGE 1st $5,000.00
2nd $3,000.00
3rd $2,000.00
HYDROPONIC 1st $6,000.00
2nd $5,000.00
3rd $4,000.00
SPECIAL PRIZES 1st $3,000.00

What you need to know to Grow It Yourself

The following resources provide you with all the basic information to get your kitchen gardens up and running.

Question/ Topic Response. 
1.       Setting up my Kitchen Garden


Now that I have chosen my 4 crops and collected my seeds and seedlings  What’s next?

To prepare for setting up your home garden follow the step by step guide

If you are doing Container Planting, click here

Selection and Preparation of Containers is important

Take a look at this short video on preparing your land

2.       Do I need to test my soil before planting? There are different types of soils and knowing what type of soil you have is important. Here are some Guidelines:

or you can check out this Video on Land Preparation

How do I access the soil testing service to better understand

ü  Nutrient status of soil

ü  Fertilizer recommendations

ü  PH/lime statistics

3.       What do I need to grow a healthy crop? There are some basic requirements for the growth of a plant.  Here are a few Guidelines:

What are the facts on the requirements for the growth of the plant ?

Check out this Video on the requirements for growth of a plant

4.       How do I prepare my grow box for planting? It is important prepare the material/ media to plant your seeds. Please clink on the link for some guidelines to assist you in this process.

Are you using a plant pot of trough, here’s what you need to do.

Preparing your soil for planting is important, click on these two links to see what you need to do.

5.       What about the sun?  Do I need to find a sunny or shaded area for my kitchen garden? Identifying a suitable place to plant around the home is easy. Want to know what to do? Click here

What are the best places to plant at home ?……click here to find out

6.       I would like to plant different crops in the same grow box. Which ones can grow together? These plants complement each other when planted together and is often referred to as Companion Planting. Click on the link for more details

Did you know some of the plants in your backyard can be BFF's?Have you heard the term "COMPANION PLANTING"?Find out how you can be the perfect "matchmaker" here!...

Posted by ETIS Division on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

7.       How do I fertilize my kitchen garden and control the growth of weeds? How should fertilizers be applied? Click on the following links to find out more…

8.       Management of Pest and Diseases in the Home Garden


Pests are attacking my kitchen garden. What can I do?  Check out how ….click on the link

Please also see these two videos on pest and disease management.


·         Pest Management


·         Disease Management

9.       I am having several challenges with my kitchen garden where can I get more technical support? The Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries can provide all the technical support that you need. Please visit  the Extension Training and Information Division’s (ETIS) via the Ministry of Agriculture Land and Fisheries’ website or facebook page

10.   Harvesting crops from the home garden Are my crops ready? How can I know if my crop is ready for harvest?

Check out this video on Harvesting

11.   How to Grow Short Term Crops


I want to grow lettuce? Are there any pests that I need to look out for?

Factsheet/ FB Post:

·         Leaf Miner

Another very common pest problem in vegetables, fruits and ornamentals is leaf miners.

Posted by ETIS Division on Friday, May 1, 2020

Note: question 12 will be the same type of question for each of the crops selected for the competition.

List of selected crop for the competition

The following is the list of selected crop for the competition, the information needed what is the best practice for growing these crops in soil or using hydroponics. And are there any pests that should be of concern and how to treat with that pest organically or in-organically.

Question/topic Response with link
Short term crop list:
I wonder if I can plant Chive? Chive as well as other Seasoning Herbs can be easily grown in your Home Garden

Amaranthus? I have never heard Bhagi called by that name the only other name I know is spinach. I wonder how to grow amaranthus? Amaranthus dubius is the scientific name for bhagi or spinach..
Pak Choi this should be easy to grow? Pak choy can be grown in soil or using hydroponics

How to grow lettuce? In order to grow Lettuce, follow these simple guidelines

I love Celery. Can it be planted with another crop? These plants complement each other when planted together

Companion Planting

Did you know some of the plants in your backyard can be BFF's?Have you heard the term "COMPANION PLANTING"?Find out how you can be the perfect "matchmaker" here!...

Posted by ETIS Division on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Kale is good for our health, but I have tried to grow this before and failed. How can I get a health kale crop? Kale must be
Chive (30) how do I grow this crop? In order to grow Chive, follow these simple guidelines

Carrot Greens can I plant this with another crop? Carrot greens
Shadon beni (30) how do I grow and manage this crop? Chadon/Shadon Beni  as well as other Seasoning Herbs can be easily grown in your Home Garden

Mustard Greens (30) Mustard greens needs
Long term crop list:
Tomatoes (80dys) I have tried before but something eat the fruit before they were ready. How do I manage this crop? In order to grow Tomatoes, follow these simple guidelines

Sweet peppers (60dys)can look so pretty how do I get my crop of sweet peppers to be healthy? In order to grow Sweet Pepper, follow these simple guidelines

Cucumber (60dys) is so good for you I have always wondered how to grow cucumber? Cucumber loves