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Title: GIY 2020 challenge, small Kitchen Garden 8-16sqft (Cherrie's)
Author: Cherrie
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Category: Small Kitchen Garden
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Description: Visions of a small Kitchen Garden -8 ft to 16 sq ft
The perimeters of my kitchen area were made interesting by adding vegetables, around in recycled containers, thereby creating a space for growing vegetables.
In this 8ft to 16 sq ft space, what most people would consider waste, combinations of recycled containers Washing machine tubs and bucket gardening were placed at least 12 inches apart so that the plants will be less scorched. Recycled PVC guttering was also hung along the perimeter fence, all of these were filled with a mixture of planting soil, compost material, broken coconut husks, sharp sand, and cow manure.
What comes from the Garden makes its way to the Kitchen and there is no reason for it not to find its way back to the Garden again, with scraps from Vegetables and fruit peels in the nearby compost bin along with lawn cuttings and plant leaves. In keeping with the conservation, the use of self-watering containers and the Reuse of discarded pieces of PVC as a sprinkler system was utilized for the Garden place.