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Title: Everything packed in a Small kitchen Garden
Author: El Granjero
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Category: Small Kitchen Garden
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Description: This kitchen garden falls within the small kitchen garden category (8-16sq ft). The garden consists of kale, bhagi, celery, red lettuce, butter lettuce, chive, pak choy, red mustard, green mustard and Shadon Beni.

The soil mix is a mixture of potting soil, cow manure, top soil, saw dust and ground coconut husks. The coconut husks and saw dust are used to help retain moisture in the soil.

At this stage, there are no chemical fertilizers as the potting soil, manure and top soil provide sufficient nutrients for the seedlings. All seedlings were planted on 11th June 2020.

The plants are currently in 4 or 6 inch pots for the next 2 weeks until they develop established rooting systems and can be transplanted into bigger pots, as appropriate.

The black plastic below the pots is used to trap run-off which can be reused.

EXTRA: The sound effects are my son howling at the moon( though there was no moon visible).