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Title: Sustainable Gardening: My DIY Vertical Planter
Author: Akilah HousePlant Hobbyist
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Category: Medium Kitchen Garden
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Description: My name is Akilah and this is my video of how I made my home garden using only materials I had home or found objects I upcycled.
So the materials I used were an untreated pallet, some mesh netting and plastics water bottles

By upcycled and recycled materials my aim is to promote SDG 12 "ensuring sustainable consumption and production pattern". If more people look at their home garden in that light we can reduce waste in our landfills. In addition to promoting sustainability, using the palettes and plastic bottles provides a cost effective way for households to afford to purchase pots and planters to start up their garden. Lastly reusing my plant scraps I am able to get double the produce from the same produce regrown.

In my garden thus far planted are
* Chive
* Pak choy
* Lettuce
* Celery
* Kale
* Chive(30)
* Shadon Beni (30)