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Title: Rahaman’s kitchen garden
Author: Nazray2003
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Category: Large Kitchen Garden
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Description: I planted both short and long term crops:

Short term (~30 day) crops:
- Chives
- Mustard greens

Long term (60-80 day) crops:
- Tomatoes
- Sweet peppers

I utilized rain water and a watering can to wet plants, to conserve water.

I prepared the soil from my compost. I usually add grass cuttings, tree leaves, kitchen scraps to an old metal barrel that I have repurposed, to create the compost. This reduces the need for excess chemical fertilizers.

I have always been interested in growing my own produce. Knowing that this will aid in feeding my family nutritious food has been my motivation. I know that the crops contain no artificial pesticides. I have included my grandchildren in planting this plot so they too may learn some degree of food sustainability.