National Theatre Arts Company

Members of NTAC at Central Bank Auditorium taking a bow after their latest performance of ‘Two Choices’ by Victor Questel. [Photo Credit: Maria Nunes 2016]

Trinidad and Tobago has a long history of folk-form theatre and theatrical performance, along with several celebrated playwrights.

The National Theatre Arts Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NTAC) was officially formed in 2014 with an aim to develop Theatre Arts in Trinidad and Tobago, while preserving and exploring forms of folk and street theatre that are embedded in the cultural landscape.

Currently, NTAC is led by Artistic Director, Belinda Barnes. The recruitment process for the members of NTAC took place over the period 2013 to 2014. The result of this is the selection of performers who were subsequently put through an intensive training programme, inclusive of indigenous and international theatre forms and theories. NTAC members are also provided opportunities to interface and work with local theatre professionals with the aim of knowledge- transfer and informal mentoring.

Between 2014 and 2015 NTAC hosted their first ‘informance’ for industry professionals and Ministry officials and a series of public performances led by Artistic Directors, Gemma Allong-Redman and Ralph Campbell followed.

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