Calypso Rose does it again

Calypso Rose does it again! She is the recipient of yet another International Music Award, this time it is the Grand Prize for World Music award at the Sacem Grand Prix in France.  Dr. Linda Mc Cartha Sandy-Lewis is among a list of awardees that includes English songwriter Ed Sheeran, who will be recognized in an event that will celebrate artistes with outstanding careers in songwriting, music publishing, humour and classical contemporary music at Salle Pleyel on the evening of Monday 10 December, 2018

Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts, Dr. the Honourable Nyan Gadsby-Dolly congratulates Calypso Rose on this remarkable achievement stating that “Calypso Rose, Calypso Queen of the World, continues to place Trinidad and Tobago on the international stage by taking calypso to all parts of the world. This accolade that is being bestowed on Calypso Rose is testament to not only how far our music can take us but also that age has no boundaries where love of music is concerned. Minister Gadsby-Dolly also remarked that “Calypso Rose is a prolific songwriter, whose witty lyrics speak to the plight of Caribbean women, her love for Trinidad and Tobago and her passion for music. We congratulate her and join with the rest of T&T in celebrating this accomplishment.”

In July 2017, through a collaboration by the Culture Ministry and Caribbean Airlines, a Caribbean Airline’s Boeing 737 was named “Calypso Rose, Calypso Queen of the World” in honour of her achievement of being the first soca artist to attain the prestigious French Music Award the “Album de Musique de Monde” and for her contributions to the development of calypso and the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. And then in 2018 a Diplomatic Passport with the inscription, Calypso Rose –“Cultural Icon of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago” was presented to her by Minister Gadsby-Dolly, the Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts.