St. George East Administrative District – Community Education Programme

Feature Address

Presented by:

Dr. the Honourable Nyan Gadsby-Dolly,

Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts

Let me first say congratulations and give yourself a round of applause. I am so very happy that all of you have taken the opportunity, all the first time trainees, as well as the repeat trainees have taken up this opportunity to fortified yourselves in this year’s Community Education Programme. Over 1500 of you in this district? That in itself, is something to feel very, very proud of, that you have steered the course and that you have graduated.

This afternoon as we were getting the motivational speech, and it was truly motivational, we saw the passion come out, and the excitement come out. I do not know how many of you were involved in the Best Village programme or had friends or family members involved. The Best Village programme ended last night and there were some people there who had never attended the finals of the Best Village,

La Reine Rive competition. How many of you have attended that competition? And there were some people there who were not accustomed to that level of passion and those of you who attend, you know how passionate some of the supporters can get. This afternoon I saw some of that same passion as the tutor crossed the stage collecting the certificates for the different classes and what does that tell you? The fact that a class will stand up and cheer for their tutor crossing the stage says a lot. It says that these tutor were involved, it says that the tutor did more than they were paid for. Do you agree with me? Tutors I want to thank you.


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